Friday, February 12, 2016

Art that I heart..

The most important part of decorating a home is using elements that have sentimental meaning to you. It could be as simple as adding your grandmother's dining table or displaying that awesome painting that you bought on vacation. Personally, I love to add original art to my rooms...partly because I'm an art major! I really feel that every piece tells a story and sets the mood for a room. Here are a few of my favorites that I have pinned on my Pinterest page.

I'm a big fan of Ellen Kelley McHale's whimsical style!
You can check out more of her art on her website, Nelly Kelly
Karen Fields is a former graphic designer who is an expert on color.
Her paintings radiate happiness! For more info, visit Karen Fields Studio on Etsy.
 Check out the Off The Map Art on Etsy. This is a wonderful mixed media collection
by the talented Leslie DeRose who paints travel theme art on vintage maps.
Illustration by Janet Hill. This artist is also the author of the popular Miss Moon books. All of her detailed illustrations seem so realistic as each tells an interesting story.