Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Ugly Ducking" transformed....

I usually forget to take a "before" shot but this time I remembered to snap my initial photo. Check it out...this little side table was UGLY. And, thank goodness for Annie Sloan Paint because the original finish was high gloss which meant more work with traditional latex paint.


I initially painted it gray but decided to change it to a tan color. I am loving how this little side table turned out ....with undertones of the original yellow/gold and also the first coat of gray. I distressed this one more than usual because I wanted it to have the appearance of a "real" antique French piece. It originally had the French shape and curves just not the color....until I worked my magic on it.


With a fresh coat of finishing wax, this baby is ready to go to a new home ... just added to the sales floor today.