Tuesday, August 18, 2015

French style 101

It's no surprise that traditional French Country is one of my favorite decorating styles. I can barely pass up a French piece of furniture when I spot one in an antique store or auction! Below are some of my tips for duplicating this timeless Parisian look...

Tip 1: White walls and moldings. Authentic French homes almost always have tons of decorative moldings on ceilings and walls.
Tip 2: Add some statement lighting. This is one area where I would splurge. You can not go wrong with a great chandelier! Just make sure that the size of lighting fits nicely with the size of the room.
Tip 3: Include a gilded piece of vintage furniture or an antique mirror. A pop of antique gold complements white and pastel colors nicely.
Tip 4: My last and favorite tip is to repurpose or paint a piece of antique furniture. This vintage dresser was re-purposed into a beautiful kitchen island.