Monday, January 11, 2016

Timeless treasures for sale...

Lately, I've been busy selling some of my antique treasures online. Over the years, I've collected so many pieces from inheritance to also picking up a few items at auctions. On top of that, I still have tons of "leftovers" from the Charlotte and Rock Hill stores. When I realized that I could not fit anything else into my storage unit, I went into full panic mode and started photographing and posting like a mad woman! Below are a few of my "for sale" gems...

Set of 5 antique china RC Versailles finger bowls made in
Germany from 1891-1906 for sale on Etsy.
Gray vintage bachelor's chest. You might remember this piece from the store.
It's been safely packed and tucked away in storage for the past couple of months.
It's listed on Chairish.
Vagabond Thermos vintage ice chest. This was my Grandfather's from the 1940's.
It's in pretty good condition considering age.
It's also listed on Chairish.
Vintage Porcelier China Teapot made in the 1930's for sale on Etsy
Iron loop chairs for sale. These are reproductions that I purchased for a client
who decided against them because of lack of space. Feel free to contact me
if you are interested (