Saturday, September 24, 2016

What's in store at the Poet?

I've had a few of my customers tell me that my antique booth at the Sleepy Poet is entirely different from my previous spaces at The Blacklion. And, I will definitely agree with that! Quite frankly, it has been a complete change from buying new product to vintage. Finding unique one-of-a-kind antiques has been a little more challenging. I'm always on "the search" for great vintage stuff. Here's a little peek of what's currently going on in my space...

 Drawer repurposed into a shelf

 Several pieces of furniture...mostly painted pieces

 Another desk drawer that I've painted and papered to repurpose into a shelf

 China cabinet from the 1930's painted in ASCP Old White

Hardware bin full of vintage and new knobs that I've saved from my furniture painting days